Capturing the heart and soul, the fire that an individual puts into their sport makes my day. Being on the sidelines of any sort of sports competition is a passion of mine. This passion started when I was 3 and even continued into the 3 Collegiate Level Sports I participated in, Shooting, Lacrosse, and Track & Field. Since, I am no longer able to competitively participate, I coach! Cheering and watching all of the kids grow, learn and have fun is such a great experience for me. As a photographer, I love to combine my photography creativity with my coaching knowledge to capture the action and the special moments.

It is my job to coach you through a session, using those skills I’ve developed from coaching 6 year olds all the way to High School Senior girls. You never have to worry about sitting correctly, or what to do with your hands! Seriously, what do I do with my hands?! You will never have to feel silly or weird, because chances are I WILL fall flat on my face at some point, climb a tree, or lay in the mud just to get that perfect shot of you! I am known to fall all the time!! Yes… you can laugh at me!

This clients I have worked with and community I developed in the Black Hills was an amazing community. My family and I are sad to be leaving. However, we are excited beyond belief to create new friends and explore the San Antonio/Shavano Park area! I can’t wait to get my kids involved in sports after the move. As a mom of two sweet young children I am now able to have fun watching them play, and enjoy cheering them on too, as they venture into sports. YES, I am the loudest one in the stands or most likely on the field, court, sidelines coaching. However, the biggest cheerleader in my life is my husband! I am so grateful for all his love and support!

Who are you cheering for? Who is your cheerleader or inspiration in life?

I am excited to meet you and learn more about you and your family. Send me a note or say “Hi” when you see me around the community and let’s connect! Be sure to let me know your favorite restaurants :D


Photo Credit: Angie Vinson Photography (above) and

Jennifer Norrick Photography(left)