Jen here! I am a self taught, natural light family lifestyle photographer. Connection, details and movement are just a few of my favorite things to capture. I love warm, bright and rich tones and I LOVE to shoot in golden light. My goal is to capture raw and organic moments, and hope that you forget I am even there. Oh, and most importantly, I want you to have FUN!

My photography journey started back in 2008, but has always been a part of my life. I can recall being in awe of all my dad's "fancy" camera equipment and wishing I could be behind it instead of in front it like I always was (and usually not by choice). Fast forward to becoming a first time mom, I just wanted a nicer camera to take pics of my baby boy. I fell in love with documenting all the little details of his growth and silly antics he would get into and decided I wanted to do the same for others! I went on a bit of hiatus when I had baby No. 2 as balancing life as a family of four was more difficult that I thought it would be. I slowly but surely picked up my camera once again. Then about a year later I unexpectedly lost my mother. Upon planning her service we found very little photos of her and certainly fewer with us kids or her grandkids in them. I felt so lost at the time, it was like a piece of me was missing and I was ready to throw in the towel. I knew she wouldn't want that for me, and I couldn't stop thinking about the lack of photos. So once again I picked up my camera and decided to keep going. And then something inside just clicked. My passion was reborn, and I was finally ready to go ALL IN. Opportunities came up to be mentored in editing and business and you better believe I soaked it all up. Time is thief. Tomorrow is not promised. Make sure you capture today.

Aside from the camera? I am a wife of 10+ years and two crazy kids call me mama. Most days we are running one or the other to a practice of some sort and most of our weekends are spend courtside or at our local circle track. I wait all winter til I can sit at the beach only to complain how hot it is. And let's clear something up right now - I don't EVER not want tacos or coffee.

I hope we can work together to make some magical memories for you and your family.


Issue No. 54 - Connections

Probably my favorite session of 2021 when I saw the theme for this issue I instant had images from this session in mind. I also had just updated my editing - seemed like perfect timing.

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